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Storage Manager HDS gives you the possibility to establish a standardized storage provisioning an reporting for HDS storagesystems (VSP und HUS VM / USP-V / HUS / AMS).

As benefits of Storage Manager HDS you are able to hand over repetitive storage mapping tasks to operating staff and your storage specialists have more time to focus on engineering activities, In addtion confirm ability and transparency for management and server engineering staff and charge back of storage resources to internal customers / consumers may be enabled.

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Main features of Storage Manager HDS are:

  • Intuitive WebUI
  • Roled based access
  • Dashboard
  • Tasked based execution with confirmability
  • Working with templates (App types)
  • Powerfull Reporting
  • Chargeback
  • Replication Management (TrueCopy / HUR)
  • In-System Replication Management (ShadowImage SI, Copy-on-Write CoW, Thin Image HTI)

Easy Provisioning

Storage provisioning can be as easy as online shopping. Simply create resource groups by combining server, number and size of luns required, and click “add to basket” – done.


Do you need a quick and accurate picture of where your storage capacity has gone? Improve storage system utilisation by identifying unused capacity.


Move away from storage management by spreadsheet to a fully automated, and accurate solution that merges provisioning with capacity management functions to deliver a “single pane of glass” storage management solution.


Satisfy the requirements of your customer by establishing a chargeback model based on actual storage resource utilisation.

Try and Buy

Have a try on Storage Manager HDS and get the experience, how easy storage provisioning and reporting may be. The try and buy offering includes a 6 month fully functional product with the following boundaries:

Deliverables: Installation, configuration and short introduction

Prerequisites: Deployment of a virtual server in a VMware / vSphere environment. Hitachi Device Manager (HDvM), Credentials for accessing HDS Storage. 

Price: On application.  Will be taken in account, if you buy Storage Manager HDS after six month.

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